Coaching utilizing the STRONG for Career Exploration

Check out this great video for career exploration with the Strong Interest Inventory! This professional assessment tools is highly reliable and valid when it comes to determining your interest in educational programming and career choice.

For Students and Young Adults

Trying to find a career and educational path that is for you! In fact, Statistics Canada reported in January 2015 that only 6.9 per cent of those surveyed had the same career goals at 25 as they did at 17. The world can change significantly between the time that a student chooses a program and actually gets their degree. Factors such as globalization, changing demographics, shifts in the world economy and advances in technology have driven many career shifts. 

It’s no wonder many young students and adults today are experiencing debilitating indecisiveness and angst when it comes to choosing a path for their career. People have struggled to figure out what they want to do for centuries. (Data from the Canadian Household Survey)

A 2015 study by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario examined where graduates work now, in comparison to their chosen fields of study. The study found  that 65 per cent of graduates who studied architecture or engineering are now working outside those fields. Similarly, 51 per cent of college graduates who studied health are now working in an occupation outside that industry. The results demonstrate that nearly every occupation is made up of people from almost every discipline.

We believe you are better positioned in life for happiness and success when personality work interests are aligned to careers choices.  With this in mind, be confident that you are headed in the right direction, and making the most of school or work.  

Utilizing industry leading data-driven formal  assessments  we would:

  • Personalize your career exploration journey with detailed insights.
  • Uncover and  map personality work interests to basic interests, occupational choices and educational programming.   
  • Review appropriate education programs relevant to your interests.
  • Increase satisfaction with school choice and program of study.
  • Review appropriate education program relevant to your interests and teamwork.
  • Make actionable plans for change.

Brainy's formal assessments can support schools (middle or high-school), organizations and businesses with data-driven results for career exploration, succession planning, team building, outplacement consulting or life-direction. 


The Strong Interest Inventory


Exploring your Natural Preferrences

We administer, delivery and consult  on the Strong Interest Inventory® in your  career exploration journey.  It provides detailed insights of who you are and what your natural preferences for career direction. The Strong is the most respected and widely used career planning instrument in the world. The Strong enables you to discover your interests and chart a plan of action for achieving a satisfying life of work and leisure. 

The Strong has empowered individuals – from high school and college students to adults in career transition – in their search for a rich and fulfilling career. Utilizing the Strong we will work with you to:

  • Map out broad interest patterns to describe personalities and preferred work environments.  
  • Provide more specific information about your areas of interest
  • Relate your interest patterns to those of satisfied workers within the occupation. 
  • Describe your preferred style of working, learning, leading, risk taking, and team participation.