Career Assessment & Exploration


Many students  experience apprehension and indecisiveness when it comes to choosing educational, career or a life path.  We believe you are better positioned in life when who you are is aligned to career and educational choices.  

In middle school? There's something on our site for everyone.  If you want to jump start the self-discovery process for pre-vocational choices visit our Free Assessment page and access the RIASEC. 

In high school?  Explore your career & educational preferences with our professional and formal assessments.  Identify an educational pathway starting in grade 10 and beyond. In grade 12 we can help identify post secondary options that are aligned with your interests and work personality.   

College & University Students: If you feel you are not in the right program of study, we can help evaluate career options with you.  Make college or university life satisfying and rewarding by selecting the right academic majors, and create a campus and community life that is personally enriching.