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About us

Our Purpose...

There is no greater purpose than to enhance the lives of students, young adults, and career changers with data-driven insights for informed decision-making about careers and educational programming.  We believe you are better positioned in life for happiness and success when personality work interests are aligned to careers choices suited for who you are.  With this in mind, be confident that you are headed in the right direction, and making the most of school or work.  

Utilizing industry leading data-driven formal  assessments  we would:

  • Personalize your career exploration journey with detailed insights.
  • Uncover and  map personality work interests to basic interests, occupational choices and educational programming.   
  • Review appropriate education programs relevant to your interests.
  • Increase satisfaction with school choice and program of study.
  • Review appropriate education program relevant to your interests and teamwork.
  • Make actionable plans for change.

Brainy's formal assessments can support schools (middle or high-school), organizations and businesses with data-driven results for career exploration, succession planning, team building, outplacement consulting or life-direction. 

What we Offer...

Brainy brings over 20 years of analytics and statistical experiences to the business and personal development process for informed decision-making.  We've aligned ourselves with organizations and business to help individuals with the personal and professional development process.  We bring value by conducting & delivering professional assessments and consulting with:

  • Valuable insights for informed decision-making. 
  • Practical & affordable advice on school, career & life direction. 
  • Coaching & mentoring for individuals or groups.
  • Instructional design & professional writing services.
  • Organizational assessments & team building workshops.

We are general practitioners in administering, interpreting and discussion industry assessments, and have worked as employment and organizational consultants. 

Brainy has been in the industry of personal & professional development, data analytics business analytics & statistics. We've created powerful & engaging learning experiences; designed & delivered workshops; conducted group coaching sessions & one-one-consultations with C-Level executive and upper management teams.  We've assisted Fortune 500 companies in change and change management & achieved success across Canada. 

What we Offer

Our value to you...

Strong Assessments & Consultations

Career counselling & coaching 

Informative educational planning 

Data driven decision-making

Team building with Plan the Change  

workshops. Host a workshop onsite for you & your team. Get to know your team members for effective & enhanced performance management.

Align companies & teams through assessments, team building & learning.  Our facilitators guide the process to encourage productive discussions between multiple teams or individuals to arrive to a plan!

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