What's your Calling?

What's your Calling?

What's your Calling?What's your Calling?What's your Calling?

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Our Purpose...

It's more important than ever before to know ourselves better and better!   Who you are and what you are going through impacts directions and decisions.  Self-awareness  is key for both academic and professional success, and is a vital as a century 21 skill!!


Our Work Style...

Through a consultative practice we fuel the educational and career assessment, career exploration and planning process with insightful information for effective decision-making. We also identify "barriers" that might impeded  personal and/or professional growth through our assessment process (i.e. well-being, anxiety, stress, life skills).  


In addition, we support organizations and businesses in learning & development initiatives by offering professional instructional design services to create opportunities for personal and professional development.

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Brainy is a personal & professional growth advocate specializing in career assessments, career explorations, and learning & development . We have helped uncover informative results through out assessments that help plan and manage change, and have created powerful and engaging learning experiences and engagements. 

About the Founder

About the Founder

Eugenia is the founder of Brainy Solutions and has been servicing students, parents, workplace professionals and businesses over 15 years.  She is a published author,  writer, educator, data analytics specialist who has specialized in evaluation and measurement during her post graduate years, and is a consultant who is passionate about insights, growth and effective decision-making. She was a strong advocate for  decision support systems across North America when partnered with IBM. She teaches the importance of informed decision making  and encourages self-discovery and exploration practices for effective decisions. 

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